Host Information

Do you have a farm, homestay, ranch, lodge, bed and breakfast, hostel or even a boat and can use a hand? Then you may be a good candidate to be a host on

As a host you would invite volunteers to come help and stay with you in exchange for spare room and board. From you, the host’s perspective, you will only need to have the capacity to give volunteer work (around 3-5 hours a day), accommodation and/or sustenance for your guests to qualify. It's FREE for host to sign up and use our service. There are no limitations in terms of how many volunteers you can have or how long they can stay as long as they are willing to do so and you can offer them room and/or board.

In return you can hope to accept around 3-5 hours volunteering up to 5 days a week. This might be anything which is inside scope of a willing guest. Some samples of volunteer work have been; house painting, weeding, tree planting, child sitting, taking kids to school, cooking, shopping, general upkeep, fencing, office work, help with building, dialect education, helping with tourist and so forth.

Benefits of being a host

  • It’s free!
  • Get on top of your todo list.
  • Meet new individuals and make new friends.
  • Let culture come to you.
  • Trade aptitudes. Take in and educate new abilities.
  • Take in and rehearse another dialect.
  • Get crisp plans and points of view on your task.

host information Keep in mind explorers aim to get an alternate experience to what they are use to in their home country. A lot of people are scholars on a year out, yet some are talented experts on a break and others come basically to practice a dialect. Hosts ought to collaborate with guests to the extent that they able. is NOT meant to exchange paid work for volunteer work. It is a community, a way to meet and entertain interesting world travellers, and a trade in which both parties ought to profit.

When you enlist as a host, individuals who have indicated intrigue toward the perimeters that you have specified can reach you through the site's messaging system. After they can contact you, you can choose to offer a trade or not. After the first contact has been made, you can then give more particular information if you feel they will be a good candidate by reviewing their message and profile.

Frequently Asked Questions

  • How long would my guests stay for?
    • This is completely up to you. We recommend that you organize, from the start, a brief time of time (5 days to a week) as a trial period with the indiviual then if things go well you can stretch out the arrangement for a longer period. This gives both parties a “withdraw statement” in the event of unforeseeable circumstances, or you basically simply don’t mesh!

  • What sort of accommodation am i expected to give?
    • Again this depends quite on you. Common arrangements spans from giving a tent or the visitor room of your house. The key is full disclosure in your profile so you can find a compatible individual who is in agreement with your accommodation.

  • What sort of food am i expected to give?
    • Sustenance is ordinarily included in the trade, and in most trades the undertakings of concocting and clearing are additionally shared. This implies that you are not anticipated that will set up three suppers a day for your volunteersers and in like manner you can not anticipate that them will cook for you ordinary on top of the work you give (unless a piece of the trade is cooking! ) again the best thing is to make your wishes clear from the beginning to wipe out issues later on. Recall that it is a social trade, so you ought to simply bear on your typical consuming times and cook with or give the fundamental without any exceptional change.

  • How would i enroll with worktrade. Org?
    • you will create a profile where you will be asked some information about yourself and/or your association, information about the kind of work you need to be carried out, information about the sort of accommodation you can offer and some general data about the sort of individual you are searching for (smoker/non smoker and so forth. ). You can click here to create your profile.

  • How much does it cost?
    • It's 100% free. You can click here to create your profile.

  • Can i search available volunteers?
    • Yes! You can search available volunteers who are looking for the volunteer opportunities you offer. They can also search and reach out to you as well.