Work Trade Information

As an explorer or dialect learner (or much of the time both!), volunteering with a family or for an organization is a perfect approach to get to know the genuine side of an outside nation or to submerge yourself totally in a remote dialect. Normally, when travelling you have to worry about the expenses of hotels and food. With WorkTrade you can now travel without worrying about these expenses as they are alleviated when staying with inviting individuals we refer to as host. Instead of forking out a lot of cash for hotel room you trade a couple of hours volunteering every day in return for nourishment and board. Volunteering options can range from housework to helping out with tourist. The conceivable outcomes for work trading are endless – You can utilize it to empower you to travel abroad, you can utilize it to practice a dialect you have used numerous years taking in, yet have never had the open door to practice with local speakers, or use it to take in new aptitudes and meet new individuals!

We empower you to discover arrangements by searching our vast host network. It is dependent upon you to create your profile, reach out to these host, sort out your travel plans, organize your travel visas, and to speak straightforwardly with your host the extent in which you can volunteer and help.

What you can do as a part of

  • Utliize the Work Trade network to find hosts and make arrangements to travel on a budget.
  • Contact hosts in excess of 135 nations.
  • Make a Work Trade profile highlighting your abilities, places you want to travel and your eagerness for making a difference.
  • Add photographs to your profile showing yourself and your abilities.
  • Add a your short video to show on your profile page.
  • Add hosts to your favourites.
  • Search host based on location, language, or volunteer opportunity.
  • Receive comments from hosts to develop your WorkTrader profile.
  • Add comments to hosts assist other WorkTraders who may be interested in their opportunity.
  • Get to know similar travellers and add them to your network.
  • Be a part of our WorkTrader family and trade astounding stories and plans!

What are hosts like?

The video to the left allows you an inside look at some of the host available at The host available for you to choose come from all over the world, from different cultures, and different ways of life. They are individuals or families who just so happen to own lodges, bed & breakfasts, farms, farmstays, homestays, ranches, hostels, or even boats and could use a helping hand a few hours a day. Many host are just like you in that they were looking to travel abroad at one point and now they are looking to help others follow in their footsteps by offering you free room and board in exchange for a few hours of your volunteer help. In many cases, host and volunteers become lifelong friends and end up visiting each other regularly.

Frequently Asked Questions

  • How do I arrange my stay with a host?
    • You reach out to the host via messaging through our system. In the event that the host has a spot accessible they will reach out to you via the messaging system to finalize arrangements

  • How would I signup with worktrade.Org?
    • Simply click here to fill out the signup form. You will then have the capacity to get to and alter your profile and to contact enrolled hosts.

  • How much does it cost?
    • Our service cost $29.95 for two years and it can be paid securely with paypal.

  • How long will I be required to volunteer?
    • As a volunteer you can expect to volunteer up to 5 hours and up to 5 days a week in return for food and board. Obviously, this is debatable with your hosts and will be established at the point of making the arrangement.

  • Is there a minimum or maximum time that I must stay for?
    • Arrangements vary depending on the host. This information will be made available to you on each host's profile so you may get an idea of their expectations. There also may be limits imposed on you due to certain countries' visa requirements.

  • What if the volunteer work is not something I am willing or able to do?
    • We promote full disclosure between you and your host. All arrangement should be discussed prior to your trip to avoid undesirable scenarios. Be sensible, don’t endeavour anything that is clearly hazardous or ought to truly be done by a qualified professional.

  • Separate from the volunteer work, what else is required from me?
    • The host may have certain conditions which they should provide you in regards to the terms of your stay. As a general rule, it is important to always be respectful of the host and their possessions and clean up after yourself.

  • Will you help me with my visa?
    • Worktrade.Org does not provide or assist you with obtaining a travel visa. You will be be responsible for arranging your own travel visa.